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1.       Guest Reservation, Rental Costs, Deposit, and Cancellation Policy

Occupancy shall commence at 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and conclude at 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure.  The rental cost is provided in the Reservation Confirmation statement enclosed with this agreement:  Rates are for two guests.  Additional person(s) are charged as follows:  0 – 2 years no charge; 3 - 17 years $10 each per night; over 18 years $15 each per night.  The total charge includes 5% local innkeepers’ tax and 7% Indiana sales tax.  Please review the Reservation Confirmation and Rental Agreement to assure that dates and other booking information are correct.  Confirm accuracy of reservation and acceptance of Rental Agreement by responding to confirmation email that you accept the documents.  (If email is not possible, please sign and mail the Rental Agreement).  If booking dates/information are incorrect, please call or email us immediately to correct.  A deposit equal to the first night’s rental fee (including applicable taxes) is required to confirm a reservation.  Cancellation of the reservation must be made at least fourteen (14) days prior to the arrival date to receive a refund of the deposit minus a $30 cancellation fee.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  The remaining balance will be applied to your credit card at the time of occupancy or you may pay in cash.

2.       Rental Restrictions

 ·         Smoking is not allowed inside the rental premises and violators are subject to a $250 dollar damage charge.

·         Pets are not allowed inside or outside of the rental premises.

·         Extra persons are not allowed.  Only guests listed on this agreement are allowed to use / occupy the premises unless there is prior notice and permission granted by Fondulac Farm management.

·         No house parties are allowed on the rental premises.  These are defined as occupancy by more than the allowable guests; or unruly, loud, or other objectionable activity carried on in or around the home.  If a house party develops, all tenants will be asked to

        leave  without refund.

·         No fires outside, other than carefully supervised charcoal grill or chuck wagon fire pit.

·         No firearms or fireworks (Roman candles, bottle rockets, sparklers, etc.) are permitted.

·         No hunting (other than fishing) is permitted.

·         No swimming in any of the ponds is permitted.

·         No excessive noise or activities that are or might be disturbing to neighbors are allowed.

·         No illegal substances, controlled substances, illegal or recreational drug shall be used, stored, or consumed on the premises.

3.       Legal Responsibility and Release

The premises include a vacation home with natural surroundings.  This agreement grants to guests the use of the premises, and guests accept the premises AS IS regarding condition and features.  Guests shall conscientiously and prudently take good care of the premises during and related to use and occupancy.  Guests shall exercise safe conduct and comply with this agreement and the rules of the premises.  Guests shall actively supervise and control activities occurring on or related to the premises.  Fondulac Farm, Owner and each of their affiliated entities, and their respective principals, members, managers, agents, and employees, are not responsible for the loss of personal property due to fire, theft, or other casualties.  While the occupied structure is insured, any contents belonging to guests are not covered by these insurance policies.  Fondulac Farm, Owner and each of their affiliated entities, and their respective principals, members, managers, agents and employees, and their insurance carriers have no obligation to guests for the loss or damage to personal property while occupying the premises.  Fondulac Farm is a rural property in natural setting.  The property includes ponds, wild animals, reptiles, and insects, all of which, under certain circumstances, may create substantial risk of injury to guests.  Fondulac Farm, Owner and each of their affiliated entities, and their respective principals, members, managers, agents and employees, are not responsible for injuries arising from these or any other natural hazards.  Guests assume the risk of possible injury resulting from their enjoyment of the premises and are advised for their own protection to use common sense and take reasonable precautions whenever they are near wild animals or using the ponds for fishing or boating.   Guests hereby fully RELEASE and agree to hold Fondulac Farm, Owner and each of their affiliated entities, and their respective principals, members, managers, agents and employees, and the rental premises fully compensated, defended and HARMLESS for all damages related to conditions, acts, or omissions directly or indirectly arising from or related to guests’ use, supervision and/or occupancy of the premises and for any related harm to the premises during Guest’s occupancy.

4.       Termination of Occupancy

Fondulac Farm management reserves and shall have the full discretion and the right together with all other remedies, to reasonable inspections and to terminate the use and occupancy of the premises for any of the following reasons:

a)    Failure to abide by the rules of occupancy or damage to the premises;

b)    Unauthorized, negligent, excessive, nuisance, trespass, or unsafe acts or omissions by guests;

c)    Conduct of reasonable concern including the presence of extra people not specifically disclosed and agreed to in the reservation process or inconsistent with the specified reservation purpose regarding the premises as a peaceful and private vacation getaway;

d)   Reasonable need for repair, precaution, or maintenance of the premises.

5.       Refunds or Breakdowns

No appliance, air conditioner, hot tub or any other item on the premises is guaranteed.  Cabins are treated regularly for insects, mice, etc., but there is no guarantee that such creatures will not occasionally be present in the rented premises.

Any refunds for inconvenience to guests are at the discretion of management.  Refunds shall not be granted as to guest’s decision to terminate occupancy earlier than agreed.

6.       Credit Card and Damage Obligations

Guest has tendered a credit card number to Fondulac Farm management as security.  Guest hereby authorizes Fondulac Farm management to charge this credit card for rental obligations including repair costs in the event of damages.  Damages may include, but are not limited to, stains on the carpet, excessively messy or dirty premises, smoking inside the premises, breakage or disappearance of contents.  Also, evidence that additional guests (other than those previously approved) have stayed in the premises will result in an additional credit card charge at the maximum occupancy rate of the premises.



Guest/Guest Representative--In signing or emailing my acceptance of this agreement, I acknowledge that I fully understand its terms and, as representative of the other guests/occupants staying with me, have communicated its terms to them.


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